Los Angeles: Pop star Britney Spears says she would have liked to have been a teacher if she wasn't famous.

The 29-year-old singer, who has sons Sean Preston, five, and Jayden James, four, with ex-husband Kevin Federline, loves getting to meet her younger fans and says she would enjoy a career working with children, reported a website.

"Raising my family. Being a mom. It would probably pretty much be the same because I'm very strong in the way I raise my kids and stuff, so it would probably be pretty much the same but career-wise I'd probably be a teacher,” she said.

"I love kids and even in what I do now one of my favourite parts of my day is getting to meet my fans before the show. Especially the little ones. They are always so cute," said the 'Intoxicated' hitmaker.

Spears also said that she would be happy for her children to follow in her footsteps and try to make a career in showbiz, and thinks her experiences would help her to guide them down the right path.

"I'd definitely keep an eye on them, but if that's what they wanted to do then I'd let them go after it. I'd just be very protective,” she added