London: Pop star Britney Spears is reportedly set to cancel her wedding to Jason Trawick. The 30-year-old singer is said to be wondering if her relationship is nothing but a business deal cooked up by her father, reported a magazine.

"I think Britney's father hired Jason to be her watch¬dog from the very beginning. If that is true, and she has finally figured that out, she will call off their wedding," a source said.

After Britney's mental breakdown in early 2008, her father Jamie became her legal conservator. But he got tired of keeping tabs on her and reportedly hired Trawick as her agent at William Morris.

"Jamie wanted Britney to fall for Jason so he would not have to be with her all the time. As Britney's court-appointed guardian, Jason is basically paid to be her keeper, and it seems like he is at her side all the time.

"Britney does not like it, but she has no choice. I think Britney suspects that her father and Jason were playing her," the source added.


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