London: Britain seems to be a nation of over-apologetic people, for a new survey has revealed that an average Briton says "sorry" nearly 3,000 times a year – most of the time for things that are not their fault.
According to the survey, Britons apologies up to eight times a day i.e., around 2,920 times a year or about 2.3 million times in a lifetime, daily reported.
And, one in eight people polled admitted saying sorry more than 20 times a day.
The research, by the New York Bakery Co, revealed that the apology is often used as a response to someone else's mistake -- 43 per cent admitted apologising to a person who knocked them and 17 per cent say sorry when someone else treads on their toes.
The word is also used for excuse me in 30 per cent of cases or when interrupting someone (67 per cent). It is most used at work, with 39 per cent using it to tiptoe round an issue or colleague, or for fear of causing offence, then when shopping (33 per cent) and at home (31 per cent).
Almost half those polled wanted to be more straight- talking but feared the result.
Victoria Willis, of the New York Bakery Co, said, "We suspected Britons were over-apologetic and our results prove it. What better way to bring a little straight-talking – and no nonsense to the country than with a New Yorker and a slice of brashness."