At an age where most play with toys, this little wonder is swinging 'nunchucks' so fast that it is almost a blur.

Over the years, many have tried copying the late Kung Fu legend who, till today, has a loyal fan base and an ever-expanding group of followers.

But seriously, this particular fan has to be the cutest 'incarnation' of Bruce Lee ever. Be it his yellow and black wardrobe from 'Enter the Dragon', or his 'nunchuck' swirling which is almost an exact copy of 'Game of Death'.

This pint-sized Bruce Lee has 'Fists of Fury', just as BruceLee did. His furious moves are replicas of what  BruceLee used to execute.

Bruce Lee fans poured in tweets to praise BruceLee 'junior' and have unanimously agreed that this could just be Bruce Lee reborn.

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