In the notice issued, the Commissioner's brother, Ravi Bassi, who is a lawyer himself, 'cautioned' the CM and his deputy not to take any action on the basis of 'false allegations', said a source.
In the notice, Bassi furnished 'corrections' in response to nine particular allegations and said that nobody could 'take refuge' under the pretext that the CM, Deputy CM and their associates were not aware about the true and correct facts, the source added.

"The undersigned (Ravi Bassi) cautions you that threats of implicating him and his brother in false cases or causing harm to them on the basis of false allegations, by coercing various officers subordinate to you to file complaints, would prove to be very dear to you both and these unfortunate officers, as all of you would be answerable to law of the land.

"You both (Kejriwal and Sisodia) have taken recourse only to 'lies' in the misinformation campaign launched against the undersigned and his brother... The motive behind illegal action which you both have already taken and are contemplating to take against the undersigned and his brother is your personal grudge against Shri B S Bassi", the notice said.

Bassi also alleged that unidentified persons, claiming to be from the Chief Minister's Office, kept coming to the concerned housing society for the past few days, allegedly looking for papers and they claimed to be following instructions from higher authorities.

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