New Delhi: The marching contingent of the Border Security Force (BSF) was adjudged the best among all paramilitary forces in this year's Republic Day Parade, an official statement said on Sunday.

As per the statement, three panels of judges were appointed for assessing the performance of marching contingents from the three defence services, paramilitary forces and tableaux and performances by school children from Delhi and outside.
“The 147 member contingent marched on 'Vijay Bharat' played by 91 member foot band. The synchronised and perfected movements displayed by the contingent gathered wide acclaim from the spectators,” said the statement.
In addition, a 54-member camel contingent of BSF and 36-member camel band also marched on Rajpath to the tune of 'Hum Seema Ke Prahari Hai, Hum Seena Tan Khare'.
“The BSF motorcycle team performed several stunts which enthralled the audience. 162 BSF personnel along with 30 motorcycles displayed 13 daring acts,” said the statement.
“39 BSF men on 9 motorcycles acting as a single entity holding the tricolour was applauded by all,” it added.