The death of 42 jawans in the last one year (2014-March 2015) in motorbike accidents as compared to 12 personnel killed in action during the same time period in the Border Security Force (BSF) has made the top brass of the paramilitary sit up and take steps to clamp down on these instances.

"We are losing about 5 jawans per month in bike accidents. These accidents are majorly happening when these men are off-duty or when they go home on leave. Those getting killed in such incidents are in the prime of their lives, about 45-50 years of age. Our personnel are our biggest asset and we cannot let this happen. Deaths due to motorbike accidents is a big concern for us and we are taking immediate remedial steps," BSF Director General D K Pathak told reporters.

He added the force has made some prompt interventions in this regard which includes keeping an eye on rash drivers in the paramilitary and starting a programme to initiate safe driving.

All the supervisory officers, in the field formations and headquarters, have been asked to keep a check on their drivers and those found driving recklessly are being pulled out and taken to task.

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