Lucknow: Even as the major parties in the poll bound Uttar Pradesh are trying to poach into the umbrella social alliance formed by the BSP in the last assembly election , the BSP supremo and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati is once again banking upon her ‘social engineering’ formula to achieve triumph in the forthcoming election.

Introducing minor changes in her modus operandi, the BSP has given weightage to Muslim candidates in 2012 elections. In order to counter the Congress strategy of minority quota to wean away the Muslim vote bank in UP, the BSP has nominated more Muslim candidates in comparison to the last assembly elections.

In 2007, the BSP gave tickets 61 Muslim candidates who have been increased to 85. On the other hand, the number of backward candidates has also been increased. From 110 candidates fielded last year, the number has been raised to 113 this year.

Interestingly, the number of upper caste candidates has also been slashed. In the last assembly election, 139 tickets were given to upper caste which has been reduced to 117 only. It includes Brahmin and Rajput candidates. It needs to be mentioned that 86 Brahmins received the party ticket in last elections which has been brought down to 74 this year.

Joining the league are Rajput candidates whose numbers have also been decreased in the party. Only 33 candidates received party ticket. Last year the number was 38. It clearly indicates that to gain the key of political ascension in the state, the BSP has shown inclination towards the strategy adopted in 2002. During that year, 86 Muslims and 126 backward class candidates got the ticket.

Ministers with criminal records

Castigated by the Opposition over the graft cases, the BSP supremo tried to refurbish the party’s image by ousting tainted ministers. However, there are many with criminal records who will contest the election this year. It includes Pushpendra Singh (Rai Bareili Sadar) and Khalid Khan (Kaiserganj), against whom one dozen criminal cases registered. Others who have complaints registered with Lokayukta include Ayodhya Pal Singh (Ayahshah) and Rajesh Triptah, former Minister of State for Homeopathy medicines.




Scheduled Castes/Tribes 97
Backward class 126
Muslims    86
Brahmins    37
Thakur 36


Scheduled Castes/Tribes 93
Backward class 110
Muslims  61
Brahmins 86
Thakur 38


Scheduled Castes/Tribes 88
Backward class 113
Muslims  85
Brahmins 74
Thakur 33