New Delhi: The Rajya Sabha on Monday witnessed uproar as the Opposition parties including the BSP and BJP created a din over the issue of including the story of freedom fighter Avanti Bai Lodhi in school curriculum.

The Opposition parties cornered the government over its answer in Hindi given to BSP MP Gangacharan Rajput over the issue.

Rajput raised the issue in the zero hour of the Upper House. He alleged that though the government has accepted Avanti Bai of Mandla, Madhya Pradesh as a brave woman who participated in the 1857 revolt, the reason of increasing burden on students for not including her story in History books is totally embarrassing.

The members demanded the government to rectify their mistake and to take back their justification of not introducing Avanti Bai in the curriculum.

Rajput was joined by BJP leader SS Ahuwalia, SP MP Ramgopal Yadav and other political leaders of non-NDA parties. The continuous uproar in the House led to adjournment of the session at 12:25 pm for 15 minutes. Congress leader Sriprakash Jaiswal tried to pacify the opposition leaders but to no avail.

SS Ahuwalia and BSP leaders were adamant to call Kapil Sibal in Rajya Sabha to make a statement on the issue.

At last Sibal made a statement on the issue and accepted that the English reply to BSP questions was appropriate and expressed apology for the Hindi version of the reply sent to the BSP on August 5.

He assured the opposition leaders to apprise National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT) to introduce Avanti Bai in the school curriculum.