New Delhi: BSP supremo Mayawati on Thursday targetted BJP alleging that CBI was misused against her during NDA rule and dismissed its charge that she was siding with UPA on FDI issue because of government pressure through the investigating agency.

"I feel it is important to share how CBI was misused during NDA tenure. Ruling BJP at that time had put pressure of CBI on me. I would like to inform you that BJP investigated all cases for political purpose," she said participating in the debate in Rajya Sabha on FDI in multi-brand retail.

The CBI was directed to investigate the Taj corridor and disproportionate assets cases after the BSP refused to fight 2004 General Election along with BJP, she said, adding that it was the BJP government in the state which took the decision on the Taj Corridor issue.

"In 2003, BJP said it was in favour of contesting election along with BSP. I said we can form the government but cannot contest elections together because of ideological differences. I refused to contest election and they said they will withdraw support. They did and I resigned as Chief Minister," she said.

After the change in power, the two cases were pending with CBI. "But for last 8-9 years, opposition parties particularly BJP continued their propaganda whenever voting issue came," Mayawati said.

Talking about the allegations made by BJP against her party over FDI vote in Lok Sabha, she said, "Yesterday, the Leader of the Opposition and some leaders accused my party and me that we walked out as there is CBI pressure on me. This is baseless."

She said it has become a fashion to accuse the BSP of being under pressure from the CBI, adding that the BJP took the two cases to CBI for investigation.

Stressing that she was not afraid of CBI, Mayawati said, "I would like to say with conviction that we are not afraid of CBI. We are not afraid even in worst time. We have never misused the power."

Supporting FDI in multi-brand retail, she said her party will vote in favour of the government on Friday in the Rajya Sabha because the policy has a plus point as it is not binding on the state governments to implement it.


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