Lucknow: Former UP Chief Minister and BSP president Mayawati on Monday asked Governor BL Joshi to take cognisance of the prevailing law and order situation in the state and recommend the imposition of President's rule.

"Under the prevailing dismal law and order situation and corruption I would request the Governor to himself take cognisance as per the constitutional provisions and recommend imposition of President's rule in the state," Mayawati told newspersons here.

Referring to the scheduled visit of the President on Tuesday for the 125 year celebrations of the UP assembly, she said the Governor should place these facts before Pranab Mukherjee.

"Though I myself and my party MPs can also put these things before the President, but then there would be an attempt to brand them as guided by political vendetta to set them aside," Mayawati said.

Crime under the SP government has increased as compared to other states, she alleged, adding that those against women and girls have alerted the people.

Referring to the case of a Dalit girl in Noida, she said it was a recent example as to how the police allegedly tried to "hush up" the whole affair by attempting to cremate her late in the night but failed because of vigilant locals and the media.

"It is most unfortunate that SP government instead of controlling crime, it has been putting all its strength for hushing it up," she accused.

The state government was also making big announcements for diverting the people's attention from issues, she said.

Mayawati also alleged that goonda and mafia elements of the ruling party were also indulging in corruption for making money and said that she had no objection to impartial inquiry of works done under the previous government led by her. "But the ongoing probes have also become a means of corruption", she said.

To stress her point, she cited the case of a senior SP minister's controversial statement telling the officials that they can indulge in it (corruption) during official meetings and pointed out that corruption was rampant at all fronts.

On the Delhi gang rape case, she said that some leaders were issuing baseless statements which could damage the seriousness of the matter and could harm attempts to ensure strict punishment to the accused.

Stressing on strict law to check crime against women, she said that there is a need that they be implemented sternly.

She reiterated that there is also a need for a debate and change in the advertisements and films to bring change in the society.

To a question on the 125th year celebration of the UP Assembly, she said that it was more of a political function than an official one and therefore, it is not right for people like her to participate in it.

On the issue of FDI, Mayawati said that central government in not forcing it on states and has left the choice on the respective state governments. She clarified that when she was the Chief Minister she had stated that she would not implement it in the state.


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