Chandigarh: With an aim to strengthen the party base in five states of north India including Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Chandigarh and Jammu and Kashmir, Bahujan Samaj Party supremo Mayawati presented her social engineering formula in a party convention at here on Sunday.

The formula has done wonders for the party in Uttar Pradesh and Mayawati intends to adopt the same concept in the other states of north India. Therefore, during her visit Mayawati laid thrust on the unity of Dalits and higher castes.

In an emotional speech to the Dalits, Backwards and minorities who turned up in the convention, Mayawati stated that the people belonging to higher castes were not against them. “I am not against people hailing from higher castes, but it is a false impression made by the rival political parties,” she added.

 she assured the representatives of higher castes of party ticket in next assembly polls in their respective states. Possibilities are high that the tactics adopted by BSP chief will increase the unrest among the other political parties. 1

Mentioning the assembly elections at UP and Punjab, she presented policies of Kanshi Ram as an agenda. Her statement regarding the comparison between BR Ambedkar and Kanshi Ram is likely to give air to a new controversy. She said that while Ambedkar could not prepare an honest cadre in the country, Kanshi Ram did so. She further added that Ambedkar was engrossed in generating legal awareness amongst people, therefore he did not find time to establish the cadre.

BSP supremo announced to contest the elections alone in all five states and urged the party members to hold protests on issues like hike in petro prices, inflation and unemployment. State units have been entrusted with the task of preparing format of agitation.

BSP members of five states participate in convention

Bahujan Samaj Party members who had been out of limelight after the Haryana assembly elections in 2010, gathered in large numbers in the party convention presided over by Mayawati on Sunday. The overwhelming response to BSP convention has raised the hope of party's revival in five states of North India including Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Chandigarh and Jammu and Kashmir.

On this occasion, Uttar Pradesh CM said that despite the efforts she could not take out time to visit each north Indian state. “Replying to the false acquisitions of BJP and Congress consumes most of my time,” she added. From the main stage, she announced the names of party heads of the five states.

Several leaders including Zakir Husain, former Minister Devinder Sharma, Harvindra Kalyan, Tek Chandra Sharma, and former Minister Narender Sharma attended the party convention.