Basti: Slamming the Central government and the BSP, Samajwadi Party UP president Akhilesh Yadav on Monday said the time has come to get rid of corrupt governments.

“Corrupt leaders will be punished by the public. If we come to power this time, we will provide free education, medical treatment, electricity and water. Also the non- operating welfare schemes will be restarted,” Akhilesh said during his Kranti Rath Yatra.

While addressing a public meeting at Siddharth Nagar he criticised the Congress and lashed out at the BSP as well. He assured safeguarding Muslim interests and highlighted the unfair policies of the BSP.
Welcoming the directives issued by the Election Commission to cover the statutes of UP CM Mayawati he said, “The purpose with which Mayawati spent Rs 40,000 crores was spoiled by the decision of the Election Commission.”

Citing examples of providing employment to Urdu teachers, grants to madrasas, inclusion of Muslims in police force and PAC, establishment of Maulana Jauhar University, Akhilesh reminded people of the welfare work done by the SP for the upliftment of Muslims so far.

Akhilesh said, “For past four and a half years, the Samajwadi Party has worked in the interest of Muslims.”

In other rally at Faizabad Akhilesh said, “There has been change of opinion amongst people in favour of the SP. People have observed that only our party understands their problems and grievances. In this regard, party workers will have to unite and go amidst public seeking votes in favour of the SP candidates.”