Lucknow: The elephantine jolt to the Mayawati-led BSP has driven the message home that indulging in neck deep corruption, CM being inaccessible for people and feudalistic approach of Babus in the state have made people cycle away from Behenji as well as proved her most-talked about ‘social engineering formula’ a damp squib.

It is disappointing for the BSP that the party had ebbed riding the plank of social engineering in 2007, but has had free fall this time getting only 80. While the upper caste voted against the party, the Muslims also failed to extend their support to it. The same was the case with the backward classes as well. This was the reason why the party even failed to sustain its position of 2002 elections, when it managed to bag 98 seats.

In the previous assembly election, it was the social engineering formula of the BSP which had earned the party landslide victory. Keeping it in view, the BSP played the same card this time also. The BSP distributed tickets, applying the same formula: 113 tickets given to backward classes, 74 Brahmins, 33 Thakurs and 85 to Muslim candidates, but the party failed to reap the benefit.

Party’s national general secretary Satish Chandra Mishra failed to show his magic, who maneuvered Brahmin votes in favour of the BSP in the previous elections. Moreover, the Muslim candidate Naseemuddin Siddiqui also failed to instill confidence in the community.

Repeated mistakes by the party resulted in the ultimate debacle in the assembly elections. Party’s attempt to project a clean image by denying giving tickets to tainted candidates after the Lokayukta’s recommendation even failed to pacify disenchanted people. Also, keeping Ramvir Upadhya and Naseemuddin in the party, distributing tickets to the relatives of influential ministers even sent a wrong message among voters.

The party even lacked leaders who could drive crowd to the party’s rallies in the state. Mayawati alone was responsible for the campaigning in the state. These all factors have collectively sabotaged the party’s ‘social engineering’ formula.

(JPN/ Bureau)