Anushka Sharma

The recent rumours of actress Anushka Sharma's swollen lips as seen on a talk show goes to show that Bollywood might not be as immune to botched cosmetic surgeries as it wants us to believe.We point out a few other actresses who have apparently undergone cosmetic surgeries and then paid a heavy price for it.

Shilpa Shetty

She is one of the few actresses who openly admitted to the getting a cosmetic surgery. When her nose job went wrong, she went in for another one to undo the damage. The second round, however, had better results.

Koena Mitra

This model-turned-actress is the poster woman for everything that can possibly go wrong with corrective surgeries, especially for someone from the industry. She reportedly went for rhinoplasty but the surgery didn’t help, instead it bent her features out of shape. But she was brave enough to talk about the same.

Rakhi Sawant

Undoubtedly a drama queen, she once cheekily stated that a doctor gives you all that God fails to. This comment was made apparently after she had undergone surgeries to correct her nose and accentuate her lips.

Minnisha Lamba

Making a confident debut with Yahaan nine years ago, she eventually is said to have fallen to the trap of wanting to look better. She is rumoured to have gone for a nose job that didn’t help at all.

Courtesy: Mid-Day

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