Visiting Singur, from where the Tata group had shifted their Nano car project to Gujarat, for the first time after eight years, Bhattacharjee said, "If the (Nano) factory was set up here, situation would have changed in Singur. But only darkness prevailed".
He kicked off the week-long procession from Singur to Salboni, where JSW group had promised to set up a Rs 35,000 crore steel plant.
Alleging that no new factory was set up in the state during the TMC rule, he said, "We will change the situation. We can do it," adding, "We want the Congress to make its stand clear in this regard. We want Congress and other Left parties to join hands with us to oust the TMC government".
Indicating that industrialisation of the state would be a big issue in the ensuing poll, Bhattacharjee said that both agriculture and industry are needed.
"But agriculture alone is not sufficient and industry is required as thousands of educated youth want employment. Mocking at the TMC government, he said, "This Ma-Mati-Manush drama can't be allowed to run any longer. We will save Bengal".


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