Kolkata: The greatest poet of all time Rabindranath Tagore would again be immortalized among his fans through ‘Kavita’, a film to be made on his best poetic creations.

On the occasion of 150th birth anniversary of the Nobel laureate, well-known director Buddhadeb Dasgupta has decided to make the film based on Gurudev’s selected thirteen poems.

The popular poems are supposed to be Gurudev’s favourite work. The much acclaimed director Dasgupta is a member of the committee constituted to mark the 150th anniversary, and has been asked to contribute on his part.

Speaking on the occasion, Buddhadeb said, “Natural sceneries have a prominent role in my films.” He has always given prominence to scenic beauty in his films like Uttara, Charachar, Lal Darja, Kaalpurush, Bagh Bahadur, Janala and many others.

Since the director himself is a renowned poet, he has a deep understanding of the scenes that can bring the film to life. He regards images as the most important aspects of a film in spite of a camera’s magical contribution.

Eminent film critic, Dr. Sanjay Bandopadhyay said, “Buddhadeb makes films on his poetic thinking. His poetry books ‘Kaafeen’ and ‘Suitcase’ explain his poetic mindset. The way he creates a film on humanistic feelings is commendable.”