As the financial year drifts to its fag end, the common people start crystal gazing at the bag of the Finance Ministry, which is stuffed to deliver a promising new fiscal. Expectations of aam adami mount so high that it is very difficult for the government to let them down. Walking against the northward inflation and fiscal deficit, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee did not have much in his kitty to please the people who are disenchanted with the Central dispensation.

On one hand he gives concession, on the other he rolls back. Going by skyrocketing prices, the tax concession appear to be meager.However, the Finance Minister did manage to bridle the price hike, but it will take some time to give relief to people if there is no untoward incident in the Middle Asia which could trigger price spike.The government could not offer anything big for the agriculture sector. It would have been better had there been diametric change in the agriculture sector, which would have improved the rural economy.

It is disappointing that the Budget did not provide anything to reduce government spending and it seems unlikely the Centre would succeed in bringing down the fiscal deficit. It will not suffice to cut down subsidy and float an increased figure of revenue. It is an irony that the government has assured to pull down fiscal deficit but the Budget could not mention any concrete steps to streamline it.

As a spate of scams and scandals have rocked the nation, the government, however, could not offer anything to insulate the systems from misgovernance. Fair enough, five states will go to the polls, but it does not mean the ruling government should fulfill its agenda through the Budget. As the political agenda has taken precedence over other important issue, the pace of the economy is not going in the desired direction. The government should shun this practice.