Bogota: A six-day amateur bull fight festival -- described by locals as an 'explosive and sometimes lethal mixture of alcohol, drugs, music, violence and machismo' -- has opened in Colombia. The festival commonly known as 'Corralejas' opened in the state of Sucre.

Every year, hundreds of amateur bull fighters risk their lives jumping into an arena to taunt bulls weighing over 450 kg.

'This is a local custom. But I don't agree with it, because they are endangering themselves. They do this (bullfighting) on drugs, or drunk and endanger their lives,' said festival regular Gustavo Guevar.

An average of 20 participants die each year in the 'Corralejas', which have been held annually for more than 150 years in towns across Colombia.

Cattle ranchers bring their animals and give away money, food and alcohol to the participants.

In the arena the only certain survivors are the bulls themselves.

Unlike more traditional bullfights with professional matadors, it is forbidden to kill the animals in Colombia.