London: A Japanese firm called Marudai has unveiled a USD 650 bulletproof case for your iPhone. It could offer the perfect protection for those planning to recreate the infamous 'iPhone vs gun' videos popular on YouTube, which see amateur marksmen shooting their phones and other gadgets to see what happens to them.

The bulletproof case features an inch thick slab of steel plating the firm claims can resist a .50 caliber round, a daily reported on Sunday. However, the protection does come at a cost - apart from the high price tag, only the back of your handset is protected - and there's a hole for the camera lens drilled into the metal.

The front of the camera is protected by a thin sheet of aluminum, although the firm has thoughtfully made both white and black versions available, the newspaper added.

The iPhone is first placed into a protective case, then the steel and aluminum case is bolted together around it to secure the handset. The firm also throws in a bonus for purchasers - an empty bullet so you can show friends exactly what you are protected against, a daily said.