New Delhi: The bumper production of potatoes this year has forced the farmers to dump them along the roadside. Owing to old potatoes presevered in cold storages and market being flooded with new yields, potato price has hit an all-time low at Rs 1 per kilogram.

According to the figures provided by Shimla based Central Potato Research Institute, there has been 11 percent increase in the overall production of potatoes. In comparison to last year where only 3.73 crore tonnes of potatoes were produced, this year the total yields may reach to 4 crore tonnes.

At Azadpur Mandi, one of the biggest vegetable markets in Asia, potatoes are being sold at Rs 2.50 per kilogram. In the national capital the retail price of old potatoes are Rs 6 per kilogram and new potatoes at Rs 10 per kilogram.

According to a report, farmers in Haryana and Western Uttar Pradesh are unwilling to remove the potatoes preserved in cold storage.  At some place cold storage owners have dumped potatoes along the roadside.