The astonishing fact is that the leaders during elections don’t even promise or claim anything related to the development of the areas. And even if some assurances were made, no steps were taken to fulfill them. A survey done by ‘Up Election Watch’ shows that people of Bundelkhand want a leader to visit their homes and help them get a license for buying arms and ammunitions. This is all what the people of Bundelkhand expect from their political representatives.  

Cashing in on this situation, the leaders are laying emphasis on fulfilling their personal aspirations. As a result, people in Bundelkhand are devoid of the basic necessities like water, roads and electricity.

A leader of high political stature in Banda said that he had done a lot for Bundelkhand but he did not get the due recognition from the people. “The people here don’t want much, they want a leader who can get their small work done like helping them to get a license for maintaining a gun and attend small gatherings at their places,” he added.

A MLA in Bundelkhand doesn’t hesitate to say that he won the election because he personally visited every home in the area. He happily agrees to the fact that no one cares about the development related endeavors in the region.  What matters most here is the attendance of leaders in functions gatherings and helping the people get rid of their small problems.

Probably, this is the reason that Bundelkhand has not yet developed despite getting the special package of millions of rupees. The area still is witnessing suicides of farmers burdened with debts, however no one is raising their voice for justice. Most politicians here are offering immediate relief in the present amount of debt.

Anil Sharma of the UP Election Watch says that he visited Banda, Mohoba, Hamirpur , Lalitpur and fifty villages of Urai to ask the people of the respective regions as to what kind of political representative they desire of. They were shocked to hear their replies. 80 percent of the people wanted a leader who can help them get a gun license and who can attend marriage and other household functions.


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