Washington: Doomsday prophecy already scared people very badly and if you are thinking that world will going to end after four days than this will be your survival ticket as bomb-proof, well-furnished bunkers sale are on high in US.

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Ron Hubbard has built a luxurious underground bomb-proof shelter in Montebello, California, with a leather sofa, plasma TV and wooden flooring - just in case the Mayans’ predictions come true. This will cost you around Rs. 25 lakh.

Besides this, many companies are also making bomb-proof, lavish bunkers. These bunkers are safe from nuclear or chemical weapons attack. Each of the 500 sq ft cylindrical shelters, produced by Hubbard, is 50ft long with 10 ft diameter.

They have escape tunnels with one sided hatches which can be opened from inside besides a well sealed contamination room between the entrance and living areas.

“I will be heading into my shelter on December 21 just because I have one and if any of the astrophysicists are right,” a website quoted as Hubbard saying.

According to Hubbard, “this kind of bunkers also fascinates people who want to spend some lavish time with their loved ones and want to retreat their weekend.”

He also sold some bunkers to scientists because these bunkers prevent UV rays which come from the earth base.

Hubbard said: “I started making them from 2003 because I wanted one for myself, but didn't want to pay much for them.”

 “We get a lot of people who buy the shelters as a form of insurance for the worst case scenario. Just like someone would buy fire insurance in case their home suffers a fire,” added Hubbard.


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