Bahadurgarh: The shortage of conductors in the Haryana Roadways has mounted troubles for the commuters already reeling under lack of bus services in the state. While the government is bearing huge losses, the people are also facing a tough time as there are no bus services on some routes.

Bahudurgarh sub-depot has 49 roadways buses. While there are 69 drivers for these buses, an equal number of conductors are required for their successful operation. Due to absence of the conductors, drivers are forced to sit idle as there are only 49 conductors in the department.

As a result, eight to ten buses are plying on some stretches leading trouble for the commuters. They are forced to run behind buses going for Delhi or Rohtak.

A Gurgaon resident Praveen says, “Commuting for work has become an uphill task now as there are stationary buses at the depot but no service. Huge claims are made by the government at the time of elections but they prove to be a damp squib.”

The busiest Gurgaon route is also devoid of buses leading to massive discomfort to the commuters.

Regional Roadways sub-depot official, SS Rajendra Sharma said, “The recruitment of additional conductors has been completed and they will soon be deployed in the buses in a few days. The number of buses will also be increased on Gurgaon route.”