Hazaribagh: Thirty-two days after Hazaribagh-based businessman, Anil Agarwal, was allegedly abducted from the Jharkhand-Bihar border by suspected gangsters returned to his home in Nawabganj on Monday.
Anil Agarwal who runs his business in Varanasi and West Bengal was kidnapped on January 19 while he was on his way to Varanasi.

However, when the Jharkhand Police and his family members were asked about his abduction, they refused to make any comment and denied that any ransom was given to the kidnappers for his release.

According to family members, thirty-nine-year-old, Anil was kidnapped by unidentified miscreants on January 19 around 10:30am. They had also claimed about not receiving any call from the abductors.

Soon after the District Superintendent of Police learnt about the incident, he rushed to Anil’s residence and asked him about the entire episode. However, the SP refused to divulge any details by saying Anil was unwell at that moment.

According to the initial reports revealed by Gyanchand Agarwal, Anil’s father, kidnappers had kept Anil in a dark room. Following police pressure, kidnappers released him near Kodarma-Rajoili jungle.

Meanwhile, the Jharkhand Police suspects that Anil’s family members are hiding the facts as Satyendra, his driver drove him back home in the car which was parked at his residence.