A new activity book equips butterfly enthusiasts of all ages especially children and young adults to create their own collection.
Compiled and designed by eminent lepidopterist Peter Smetacek, 'Indian Butterflies Origami' has rich illustrations on 12 popular species of butterflies.
It also comes with origami sheets from which one can create the paper butterflies by following simple instructions.
Taking nature lovers into the fascinating world of butterflies, the real patterns and colours of the wonderful insects have come out vividly on paper.
Smetacek, who runs a butterfly research centre in Uttarakhand's Bhimtal, said collecting real butterflies is not easy and also involves killing of the insect to preserve it for future.
Paper butterflies, on the other hand, are fun to make, easy to maintain and can look as attractive as a collection of real butterflies.
"You can display it in collection boxes. It can be arranged scientifically (according to families) or for decorative purposes by arranging it according to its aesthetic value," Smetacek, considered an authority on Indian butterflies and moths," he said.
"Once you have folded and created a paper butterfly you will recognize the species whenever you see it," he added.

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