New Delhi: Whoever says Gen Ys will never be able to afford their own home has obviously never heard of an American firm Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. Helping many ordinary people to fulfill their dream to own a house, Jay Shafer’s, the owner of Tumbleweed Tiny House Company offers wooden houses which can be bought at just USD 99 (approximately Rs 5599).

These houses have all the necessary areas required in a normal house. The small homes, which start at just 65 square feet are covered with tin and fitted with fully functioning kitchens, bathrooms complete with composting toilets and sleeping areas. Some of the models even come on wheels.

The cheapest home is a flat-pack to be built by the owner but, if your pocket allows, there are ready-made, well furnished, luxurious and beautiful versions available for USD 38,997(about Rs 1,917,692).

Besides being affordable for people with meagre incomes, the new houses are environmental friendly.

Looking at the debt problem in the US reaching tipping point Shafer said that people buried under the burden of debts cannot afford to stay in huge houses hence these houses act as a ray of hope for them.

The creation of such houses at cheap rates is a lesson for developing countries like India, where skyrocketing land prices, rigid legal process to undergo before constructing house, is a major problem for the people.