New Delhi: In a stinging attack on the CAG, Congress on Monday alleged the government auditor was as much responsible as BJP for the disruption of the just-concluded monsoon session of Parliament on the coal mine allocation issue.

Party spokesman Manish Tewari also sought to make a major issue out of a telephone call by a senior BJP leader to the CAG on a yet-to-be-tabled report by wondering whether the "meeting of minds" was mere coincidence or there is more to it.

Tewari asked whether the CAG was "misusing" the credibility given the fact that "repeated errors" are being manifested in its reports.

Asked whether the CAG Vinod Rai is following in the footsteps of his predecessor TN Chaturvedi, he remarked "if history repeats itself once, it is a tragedy. If it repeats twice, it is a farce. I can only say the trajectory of coincidences are uncanny".

"That is something you have to infer yourself whether the is congruance is institutional or whether it is personal", he said when asked whether Congress' attack was on the CAG as a person or on the institution.


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