Shimla: The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) report on poor condition of the state roads placed in Himachal Pradesh Assembly clearly mentioned that there were huge irregularities in the construction of roads during 2009-10.

The report revealed that the land acquisition was very slow and the plans for improvement of the highway and major district roads in the state were not formulated by the departments. The criteria for distribution of money by the department were based on old rates, the report said.

The report further revealed, “The money allocated for the construction of highways and roads was spent somewhere else. Roads were constructed without the permission from experts.” In the report, it was brought to the notice that due to improper drainage system, there was delay in completion of work and poor construction of roads.

Even under MNREGA, the implementation of work in the state was not reviewed, said the report, adding that schemes under the five-year plan had several drawbacks.

“In many cases, statutory preferences were ignored. Issues like water conservation, afforestation and minor irrigation were not given the priority which had affected the rural livelihoods,” added the report.