New Delhi: Slamming the Navy for finalising a deal for MiG 29K naval fighter aircraft without their weapons package, a CAG report on Thursday said the maritime force has now chosen a missile with an "unsatisfactory track record" in the Indian Air Force.

In its report tabled in Parliament, the Government auditor said the "Indian Navy followed a flawed approach in acquiring new fighter aircraft by not finalising the associated weapon package with the contract for the aircraft."

"11 out of the 16 MiG 29K aircraft worth Rs 3,405 crore have been delivered in 2009 and May 2011. No armament contracted for was delivered till October 2010 adversely affecting the operational capabilities of the aircraft," the report said.

India has finalised a deal in 2004 with Russia to procure 16 MiG 29Ks as part of the contract for the Admiral Gorshkov aircraft carrier. The maritime fighters are deployed in Goa at Navy's INS Hansa base.

On the issue of the Beyond Visual Range (BVR) missile acquired by the Navy, the auditor said, "One such missile was acquired by the IAF between 1999 and 2002. However, the serviceability status of the missile in evidence prior to the Navy contract of 2006, has been poor," it said.

The CAG said even after a 51 months delay in finalizing the weapon package of the aircraft, the Navy "failed to adopt an integrated approach to utilise the database of IAF and ended up procuring 40 such missiles worth USD 21.88 million whose service was found unreliable by the IAF." "High rate of unserviceability was noticed by IAF since 1999 from the first lot of missiles received. By November 2005, IAF decided against refurbishing the missiles 'X' after life expiry and started considering a suitable replacement for future procurements," the report said.

"Nonetheless, the Navy concluded the contract in March 2006 for supply of armaments for MiG 29K aircraft which, inter alia, catered for supply of 40 Air to Air missiles at a cost of USD 21.88 million," it said.

On the delay in procuring weapons for the Mig 29Ks, the report said that guided by Russian assurance of supplying armament in 18-24 months of signing the contract, the Navy had delinked the negotiations of the weapons package with that of the aircraft.

"Even though delivery of MiG 29K was delayed by more than two years, failure to freeze requirements and conclude the contract resulted in the fighter aircraft being delivered and exploited without ammunition," it said.

The CAG said that the "matter was referred to the Defence Ministry in November 2010, their reply was awaited as of July 2011."