Thiruvananthapuaram: Notwithstanding criticism of CAG's report on the coal allocation issue, Comptroller and Auditor General Vinod Rai has said that the findings are "rational and undisputable" and will stand any minute scrutiny.

"We have no doubt that we will be able to uphold the credibility of our report as we show great precision in planning and execution of our audits", Rai said in an interview to CPI's official organ 'Janayugom'.

Holding that the fundamental purpose of CAG was to ensure responsible and good governance, he said the methods followed by it were quite strong and comparable to the best practices prevailing anywhere in the world.

Also, CAG has a big team of well qualified professionals with adequate expertise and experiences to conduct audits on any sector, Rai said.

"I have no doubt our findings regarding allocation of coal fields would survive any minute scrutiny as these findings are rational and undisputable", he said.

Asked about the attack on CAG in the wake of its report on coal fields allocation by certain political quarters, he said this was not for the first time that the institution had to face such criticisms.

This had happened when CAG came out with its reports on Bofors deal in 1980s, disinvestment in 1990s, coffin scam of 2002 and in recent times in the case of specturm scam, he said.

"On each of these occasions, we have been proved right. We have strictly followed objectivity, impartiality and professional excellence in our work", Rai said.

Attributing political motives would harm the professed basic task of this institution of assuring responsible and good governance, he said. It was a big contradiction that when India was fast emerging as a powerful country of the world, the quality of governance gave room for anxieties, he said.


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