The minister shared the data based on a survey by TERM cell, the vigilance and resource monitoring arm of the Department of Telecom. The data showed that call drop situation on the mobile network has improved but the operators are still beyond the quality parameters set for call drops.

As per benchmark, not more than 2 percent of the calls made on a telecom operator's network should fail or disconnect automatically due to network-related faults.

Call drop on the network of the country's largest operator Bharti Airtel improved from the range of 2.92 - 17.77 in August to 0.08-2.98 at the end of October, as per tests conducted by the TERM Cell in Delhi on various roots.

Call drop on Idea Cellular network improved from 3.34-10.9 to 0.14-2.65, Vodafone 1.53-6.63 to 0.3-2.97, Reliance Communications 1.53-24.83 to 0.02-5.15 and Aircel from 0.77-6.21 to 0.29-2.66 during the period under review.

Prasad said that situation has improved because of additional installation of mobile towers, repairing of non-functional cell sites and improvement in network design.