Bhopal: An unknown person reportedly called  the Madhya Pradesh Police Control Room (PCR) from a public telephone booth and threatened to kill Chief Minister Shivraj Singh.

However, the police have claimed that the identity of the caller has been ascertained and would soon be arrested.

Superintendent  of Police Yogesh Chaudhary said, “An unknown person had called in the PCR at around 8:40 am on Monday morning and threatened to kill the Chief Minister. The caller by revealing his modus operandi said that a bomb would be placed during the inauguration programme of the statue Raja Bhoj on the VIP road.”

On Monday at around 9:30 am, the statue of Bhopal’s king Raja Bhoj was to be inaugurated in a grand way. Sometime before the programme, the unknown swung the police into action and tightened the security system.

The police said after the preliminary investigation, it was found that the call was made from a PCO in the Mangalwara region and the owner of the PCO has been taken into custody.