Bangalore: The decreasing number of camels in the country is an alarming sign. If statistics are to be believed, the number of camels is reducing by 10 percent every year.

One of the major reasons for the decrease in the number of camels is the profit earned by selling their flesh. Some startling facts point towards indiscriminate selling of camel’s meat in Bangalore during festive seasons.

According to facts and figures, camel’s flesh is in demand during the festive season of Ramzan and Id-ul-Zuha.
Camels are smuggled from Rajasthan and Gujarat and auctioned in the city.

According to animal protection activist Sunil Chand, around 2, 000 camels are brought from Gujarat and Rajasthan in this festive season and sold at Rs 60, 000 per camel. Their meat sells for Rs 150-160 per kg.

Animal conservation activists complain that officers turn a deaf ear to them.

Even though the Akhil Prani Daya Sangha and forest department officials had jointly rescued 43 camels in 2009, but no attention was paid to their maintenance.

“I had paid Rs 3 lakh for camels who were set free but Animal Husbandry Department refused to keep ill camels and let them out on the streets,” said Chand.

One of the local activists, Kristein Vasumati, informed that the court had directed Animal Husbandry Department to send camels back to Rajasthan but nothing was done in this regard.

Meanwhile, the activists claim that nearly 100 camels will be brought in the city during Ramzan.