Gopeshwar: The cameras installed at Nanda Devi National Park to capture the activities of the wild animals have helped officials to reveal the images of wildlife poachers. Though this has brought the culprits to the book, it has stumped the claims made by the park authorities of ensuring wildlife security. 

According to reports, with the help of video footage, 10 wildlife poachers have been arrested in 2010-11 in the reserved forest area, inaccessible without the permission of the department.

Chamoli is blessed with ample wildlife and forest resources and is therefore threatened by the poachers. In year 2010-11, the UNESCO in collaboration with Wildlife Institute of India (WII) installed 15 cameras in the core zone of Nanda Devi biosphere reserve to capture the activities of the wild animals.  However, the footage has also extended help in capturing 10 poachers instead.

While three poachers were caught in Phoolo ki Ghati on April 14, two were arrested in Buffer zone on May 16 and three on June 20.

The UNESCO has now funded more hi-tech cameras to be installed in other regions of the park. The cameras will be flash-free and the images will be saved in another system rather than the camera. In case, anyone tampers with the camera, the images will be preserved.

Moreover, the key purpose of the cameras proved to be fruitful as the rare snow leopard was captured in the camera along with activities of the musk deer, red fox, Himalayan tahr, leopard and other rare species of wildlife.

SR Prajapati, DFO, Nanda Devi National Park said, “The WII had installed cameras in the park for observation of the activities of the wild animals. The cameras capturing the images of the poachers have been a help in wildlife surveillance.”