London (Agencies): Hollywood star Cameron Diaz may be envied for her naturally slim and lean figure but the actress herself keeps a check on her food habits and favours an 'upside down' diet.

The 38-year-old blonde beauty has a balanced meal plan but follows an upside down diet by consuming carbohydrates in the morning and proteins and vegetables in the evening, Daily Star reported.

"Her diet is an upside-down one where you have your carbs at the beginning of the day then taper off, so in the evening you just eat protein and vegetables. She'll eat junk food if she feels like it but if she fancies a burger, she'll just have a few bites," Diaz's trainer Teddy Bass said.

The 'Charlie's Angels' star occasionally digs in her favourite calorific treats and exercises with her trainer several times a week to maintain her 'lean and strong' shape.

"Cameron has good genes but she makes working out a priority, so we train as often as we can. Depending on her schedule, we'll do 45 minutes of Pilates or if she has 90 minutes we'll do half weights and half Pilates and flexibility work. Cameron loves having a lean, strong body rather than a curvy figure," he added.