"We continue to believe that we can maintain our strong historic relationship and that what our focus is," the State Department Spokesperson, Jen Psaki said.
She was responding to questions on the latest steps taken by the Indian Government including orders to stop any commercial activities within the US Embassy premises in New Delhi.

She said that the US will not air any of its grievances with India in the public domain.
"What I will say is that as we have concerns, we will express those privately, which often is the case with diplomatic issues. But we've been addressing their diplomatic notes as they've come up. It's important to note, many of them are highly technical and complicated issues. And we'll continue to work through that process," she said.
The spokesperson, however, did not give any detail of US concerns. "I don't believe this falls into the category, but obviously we're working through any requests they have and working closely with the government. Both India and the United States want to move this relationship," Psaki said.
"I think our view is that both sides want to move this relationship forward...... we've had a range of private conversations with them and that's our belief as the United States government," she said.
Psaki insisted that it’s always the endeavour of US officials to follow local laws overseas.
"We of course endeavour to always be in compliance with local laws and regulations. The Indian diplomatic notes, which I believe is what you were referring to, raise highly technical and complicated issues. We're continuing our conversations with the government and response to their diplomatic communication and asks with the importance of our broad relationship in mind," Psaki said.
The US, she said, has provided interim responses where appropriate. "We continue to review and discuss all requests for action. We're working of course closely with the government of India on that," she said.

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