Nevertheless, communication is an important phenomenon, without which there would have been some undefined chaos and confusion. One can communicate in various ways, and writing is, was and has been one of the simplest yet complex forms of communication since times immemorial. Simplest in the sense, there is no such work or task as easy as writing, no matter where you are jotting down your thoughts. Pick up a pen and paper, start speaking out your mind.

It is complex at times because a mere piece of writing fails or succeeds in deciphering the state of a writer’s mind, which eventually leads to contradiction. It is like a catch 22 situation, a make or break formula.

History has witnessed a number of writers, who made it big and earned a name for themselves. The style of writing varies from one individual to another, a topic to another relevant subject and not to mention, even the most similar theme never had the same treatment. Different perspectives and opinions made their ways in. In spite of that, people enjoyed their works, discussed those in coffee table, clubs, dinners and where not!

Why these writers and their works were received with such warmth? The most possible reason could be their ability to read a vista of minds altogether, spinning the thoughts and viewpoints into one, galvanizing and fusing those ideas, forming a hypothesis, evolving counter-views, reviews and supportive reviews and ultimately letting the pen do all the business.

Novels are generally considered to be the father of all writings and a few may differ on this. But it can’t be denied that a novelist puts in a whole lot of effort to delve deep into the minds of people, read the mood of society, gauge the air of nation, sensing the trends prevalent worldwide. Without analyzing and amalgamating these components, he can’t simply weave words and roll out his piece of writing. Especially, dealing with non-fiction requires a lot of research, minutest details require maximum probe, literally choking any possible room for error.

Fiction somehow allows the writer to play with words, the way he likes, without putting much stress on the accuracy of details. Still, it is a debatable topic, which genre of writing is simple whether fiction or nonfiction.

Opinions may vary. For a few, writing is just a medium of non-verbal communication, though others might take writing as a literary art. There are no set rules and formula which one needs to follow while writing; it revolves primarily around the stream of flow, which eventually breathes in life to the content, generating a good piece of write-up.

Exaggerated and ornamental words or phrases might give a pseudo-intellect look but renders the write-up low on appeal, making it difficult for a layman to grasp at one go. Simple yet subtle ingredients, with an exquisite blend of words make a piece of writing delightful and interesting. From a reader’s perspective, being lucid is the best way out. But when those same writers will be writing for a higher ‘pedestal’, they shall require raising their ‘standard’ of writing and ‘choice of words’. Therefore, it can be said that there is no constant path through which the wheel of writing passes. Depending upon the specific section of readers, words are shaped accordingly making a simple or complex sentence.

Nevertheless, the art of writing shall keep on appealing people, in spite of the recent development in technology and advent of e-books. Writing has been one of the simplest forms of expression and it is mainly due to this unique feature, it still draws hundreds of thousands of people and brings them to a standstill, compels them to get engrossed into the depth of lines, words, phrases and sentence.

Pankaj Ghosh/JPN

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