Toronto (Agencies): A Canadian man has been imprisoned for six months for beating his puppy to death.

A court in Victoria, which is the capital of British Columbia province, on Wednesday sentenced 24-year-old Brent Malcolm Connors for beating his pet dog to death last month.

"I am really sorry for what's happened. It really affected me. I hope it never happens again to any other animal,'' a local newspaper quoted the accused as telling the judge.

He was held on January 1 after guests at the Traveller's Inn called police after hearing a dog in pain in a hotel room. When police entered Connors' room, they found his 12-week-old pit bull seriously beaten.

The puppy was taken to a veterinary hospital but died from its injuries, which included 10 broken ribs, internal bleeding and a broken jaw, according to the newspaper.

The judge said, "The Criminal Code makes it clear that the willful infliction of unnecessary pain and suffering on animals violates one of the basic tenants of our society and is deserving of punishment. It is also conduct which most members of our society find repugnant and morally reprehensible."

After he completes his sentence, Connors will be put on probation for two years. During the probation time, he will have to maintain employment, not possess or consume any non-prescription drugs, complete counselling or treatment as directed, not keep knives, and do 75 hours' of community work, according to the local newspaper.

The judge also ordered the convicted owner not to own animals or birds for 10 years after completion of his jail.