Varanasi: Leaving no stone unturned in registering victory in the ongoing Uttar Pradesh assembly elections, the candidates are wooing not only voters but also God. They are making all-out effort to please Heaven and other powers by performing rituals and offering prayers.

Practicing rituals and offering prayer is common things at religious places like Kashi, but the candidates are even offering blood and meat to ghosts and spirits in order to defeat their contenders.

While the Muslim candidates are offering ‘chaddars’ on holy mazars, Hindus visit temples for seeking blessings of the almighty to boost their prospect of winning the election.

Also, worships are being held on the banks of the Ganga and prayers are being offered in temples at Kashi to seek the blessings of Gods and Goddesses. Not only this, the candidates are also adopting measures specified by astrology and Sanatan Dharma.

Mahant of Mahamrityunjaya Temple, Kailash Dutt Dikshit, confirms that several such religious functions are being organised in the temples at the moment. Muslim exorcists like Bahadur Saeed, Laatshahi, Mandwa and Laat Bhero of Kashi are also much in demand to woo the adverse superpowers.