"The Prime Minister says that BJP does not allow the country's economic situation to improve, they accuse us of not letting the House (Parliament) to run smoothly.  We are the principal Opposition party and we have a role to play to see that the interests of the people are protected,” Singh said.

"Are we cheerleaders that we will keep clapping for you and you continue to indulge in corruption," Rajnath said.

"The PM says the way we (the Opposition) behave in Parliament, foreign investors are not coming (to India)...  Will our country's economy depend on foreign investors alone?"  Rajnath asked.

"We are not against globalization and modernization, but as regards the country's autonomy, if any foreign power tries to put a question mark on that, BJP will not tolerate it," he said.

He said that the current "crisis of credibility" involving political leaders was there because they did not fulfill their promises, and added that ‘we will deliver what we promise’. "BJP does not do politics of just forming government, we do politics of building a nation and a society," he said.

Seeking to counter the Congress charge about BJP being a communal outfit, Rajnath alleged it was the Congress itself which believed in a "divide and rule policy". "They dub us communal. I want to ask them that they have ruled India for such a long time, why have they failed to foster brotherhood between Hindu, Muslims and Christians," he asked.

With the next Lok Sabha polls round-the-corner, the BJP leader also sought to woo the minorities. "I want to appeal to minority of this country and tell them that under a sinister design, we are dubbed as communal. There was one unfortunate incident in Gujarat, but after that there has not been any such incident while so many incidents have taken place during the Congress rule," he said.

Also seeking to clear the anti-Muslim tag given to BJP's prime ministerial candidate and Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, Singh said, "Can a Muslim of Gujarat say that he is discriminated under Modi's rule."

He said that the Congress keeps raking up such issues (Gujarat riots) because they want to "divert" attention of the people from their own failures. He also accused the Congress of being the "biggest communal party."

Singh, who will be holding meeting of the party's core groups of the northern states on Monday, said, "Today, entire India is looking at us with great hope because they have seen the NDA rule and are seeing rule of our party led governments in many states.”

"In India's independent history, if any Prime Minister gave good governance, it was Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Today, corruption has crossed all limits, but during six year rule of Vajpayee government, was there a single corruption charge,” he said.

He also said that according to the figures put out by the National Sample Survey Organization, from 1998-2004, 6.70 crore new employment avenues were created, but from 2004-10, only 27 lakh such avenues were created.

He said that the government has also admitted that of the roads of the highways constructed from 1980-2012, half came up during the Vajpayee government. Praising Modi's government, he said, "In terms of development, Gujarat has emerged as a model state in entire India and investors not just in the country but from abroad are keen to invest there."

Earlier, asking the workers to work hard to ensure return of the NDA to power at the Centre, he said that BJP is party with a difference. "After India attained Independence, no party has been able to increase its stature more than Congress and BJP alone is such party, which has equaled the Congress. Look at any political party, has there been a leader with unblemished political career like Atal Bihari Vajpayee," Rajnath said.

Rajnath asked party workers to remain united to achieve success. "There is only one mantra, united we stand, divided we fall. This is BJP's biggest strength," he said.


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