New Delhi: Lack of time between matches in the ongoing SAFF Championship is taking a toll on his players and is not giving them enough time to improve, feels Indian football coach Savio Medeira.

Moments after his team advanced to the semifinals of the tournament with a 3-0 win over Sri Lanka, Medeira said it was difficult to expect the same level of performance from his wards "within such a short time".

"We have played three matches in five days and it is very, very difficult for players to practice and improve in one day," said the Indian coach.

Asked about some of the missed chances at the Jawaharlal Nehru stadium on Wednesday, he said, "Chances were always there for us and it is up to the players how they take them and improve."

Medeira reiterated his point when he was asked about the performance of last match heroes, Clifford Miranda and Syed Rahim Nabi, on Wednesday.

"They were not up to the mark but they gave their 100 per cent. You cannot expect them to play in same fashion every day," he added.

About Steven Dias' late substitution, who was brought in at the expense of Anthony Pereira deep into the second half, the coach just said, "I had look overall, had to give them some rest."

On their semifinal against Maldives, to whom India lost in the title clash in 2008, Medeira said, "We will see how they operate and do our homework."

"We will discuss 2-3 points which are missing. I hope the boys continue the good work."

Sri Lankan coach Jang Jung felt India were the better team technically and physically.

"We tried to open up in the second half and moved out, but India played better," he said.