"The last one month has been difficult for us. Whenever we thought of this day we became emotional. It will be difficult for us to imagine Tendulkar without cricket. Cricket can be without Tendulkar but hard for us to believe that Tendulkar will be without cricket," Anjali said in a rare TV interview.

Anajli said Tendulkar can never switch himself off from the game."I have never seen him switching him off from the game. Even when we are holidaying in England he is always in the switch on mode. He is very conscious about the game and will never eat too much. We will always hit gym and practice with Arjun (son) to stay fit whenever he gets a chance," she said.

Anjali said her husband is good at hiding emotions and it would highly unlikely that the cricket legend will allow his emotions get the better of him. Tendulkar, however, became emotional and tears rolled down his eyes when India lifted the World Cup here at the same venue in 2011.
So how difficult would it be for their kids Sara and Arjun, Anjali said, "Sara is very much like her father. She never shows her emotions. Before they were born Tendulkar was already a cricket star. So while growing up they were still figuring what their father was."

Anjali also said that Tendulkar was pleasantly delighted to see his son as a ball boy on the second day of the Test match here Friday. Tendulkar himself was also a ball boy at the same venue here during the 1987 World Cup.

"Arjun is among the Mumbai U-14 probables. He had a Harris Shield match on Friday and his father told him that he cannot miss the match at any cost. So Arjun went to the play his school match but found that the other opponents haven't turned up. And so he rushed to the stadium and in the meanwhile his coach had already got the accreditation. So Tendulkar was pleasantly surprised to see Arjun as a ball boy," said Anjali.

Anjali also said that now he would give some household responsibilities to Tendulkar."Tendulkar is always worried at the paint come out here and there in the house. Hopefully now I will give him some more household responsibilities," she said.


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