"If we want our country to develop faster, we cannot afford to be slow in taking decisions. I am not saying that decisions have to be taken in a haste. But to prolong or avoid taking decisions is not acceptable. Informed decisions based on facts, figures and realistic assessment to the best of one's ability are sine qua non for good governance," Mukherjee said.
Delivering the fourth UPSC foundation day lecture on "Governance and Public Service", the President said Jawaharlal Nehru was not in favour of continuation of Indian civil services, set-up by the British, but views of then Home Minister Vallabhbhai Patel prevailed who said people who served British empire will build the new India,” the President said.
"If we look back, perhaps we can say with great satisfaction the civil servants who were trained to protect the interests of the empire built-up steel plants in India, hydel powers in India, community development projects, created finest diplomacy," Mukherjee said.
He said that UPSC is the nursery of administrative ethics. "It is the alma mater for selection of men and women of excellence, as officers in the service of the nation. Its role in human resource management of the Government is crucial as it has to recommend the best candidates from amongst the millions of aspirants," the President said.
He said that public services have a lot to do for moving toward a globally competitive governance model for India.
"We have to develop our public administration into a dynamic and result oriented bureaucracy," he said.


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