New Delhi: If you haven’t yet participated in any of the candle light vigils supporting Gandhian Anna Hazare’s crusade against corruption, you can still lend your support by taking part in candle march in cyber space.

The web portal called , which is a sincere bid to build cross cultural understanding among thousands of people across the world on various current issues, including corruption, sports, causes, disasters and events, has started a candle light march for Anna Hazare’s fight against corruption to unite netizens across the country.

So far, over 16,000 people have joined the online candle march through the website.

After the growing popularity of e-choupal, e-education, e-payment, e-marketing and e-banking, the netizens who live in the era of networking sites like Facebook and Twitter have now come up with the facility of e-candle march.

Through, users can be part of Hazare’s anti-corruption candle march just by a click of the mouse. The users can register themselves online and light a candle on one click.

Through this programme, the people who cannot be physically present to support Hazare at Ramlila Ground can support the activists through their virtual presence.