Dehradun: The United States of America (USA) has always held major cities of India and China responsible for melting of glaciers. Ironically, in the absence of research work, Indian scientist could not prove the accusation wrong that local air pollution is not the lone factor responsible for global warming.

Therefore, for the first time Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) along with Uttarakhand Space Application Centre (USAC) will conduct a study- ‘Carbon shoot’ to record and study the presence of gaseous particles released from indoor/outdoor pollution at high altitude glaciers.

The study will record the effect of gases released due to fire in the forests, burning of woods and cow dung for cooking.

Director USAC, Dr MM Kimothi said, “In the week-long ‘Carbon shoot’ study, ISRO scientists Dr Arun Sharma, Dr Vijay Kumar along with USAC's scientists will help to decipher the effect of local air pollution on glaciers.”

The study will begin from Uttarakhand Mountains. The team will use scientific equipments to record the figures.  On September 26, a team of USAC's scientist will move towards Satopanth glacier and will later move to Pindari, Milam and Gangotri glaciers.