New Delhi: In what could have makings of a good news for heart patients, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has a way forward, installing advanced medical equipments on its stations with the help of Opto Circuits (India) Ltd that would provide immediate succour to those who are down with cardiac ailment.

According to sources, this facility is now available on two busy stations: Kashmiri gate and Central secretariat, which is likely to be extended to other stations soon. Also, a first aid centre has been built at the metro stations, which would have basic facilities like a stretcher and other essential medical set-ups.

Opto Circuit’s CEO Arindam Sen said, “In a case of heart attack, patient is required to undergo treatment within seven minutes. If the patient has access to medical aid, his/her life could be saved. With Metro having a daily ridership of about 20 crore, in a case of an emergency, a passenger could be treated on the station premises itself.”

How the equipment works: The box-sized machine has two chips on its body, after sticking the chips on the patient’s body, it sends an electric shock to the heart that gives relief to the patient and then he/she could be rushed to a hospital.