New Delhi: Cardiovascular diseases are projected to afflict over six crore people in 2015 from about four crore in 2005, the government on Tuesday said.
It also said that people suffering from diabetes is expected to rise to 4.60 crore in 2015 from 3.10 crore in 2005 while cases of stroke are projected to increase to 17 lakh in 2015 from 12 lakh registered in 2005.
Giving these details in Rajya Sabha, Health Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad said the projections of these non-communicable diseases are based on a report of the National Commission on Microeconomics and Health.
He said though "the exact reason for high prevalence of non-communicable disease is not clear...however, urbanization and longevity has been associated with increase in such disease".
Unhealthy lifestyle is a major reason for increase in non-communicable disease, Azad said, adding government has imitated a national programme for prevention and control of cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and stroke in 100 identified districts in 21 states.