Have your heart sets on every career prospect you come across? Want to don all hats but do not know which will suit you the best? Well, this is a dilemma of common people trying to choose an uncommon career which will separate them from the crowd and grant them a remarkable success.

Baffled? Here’s a simplified version- How well your personality and career match can significantly influence whether you find that career fulfilling, stressful, boring or challenging. That's why many people seek a career that closely matches their personality preferences. Here are five careers and five personalities- just pick which one is yours and what suits you the best.

Career in research: 

Inquisitive? Fond of getting to the details of any subject whether it is Shahrukh’s films, or Ganguly’s controversies or Manmohan’s economist persona? Or it can be the enthusiasm and tenacity to understand the core and basics of any subject- if the answer to these questions is ‘no’, then why are you wasting your time. Skip this point, hop on to the next and your answer is ‘yes’ then keep glued as this is meant for you Mr Researcher.

Well, if you have the aforesaid passions then research is the field for you. To foray into this field you need to have a Master degree in any subject with a minimum percentage of 55. Once this hurdle is cleared, you then need to select a research topic and work on it under the supervision of a Research Director. Once the research is completed, you can apply in Degree colleges or other educational institutions for the position of an Assistant Professor or Research Associate. Apart from this, there are many renowned private organizations and corporate houses having R&D departments where you can apply for.

Career in academics:

Are you the geek kind of a guy? Or are you a girl who loves to preach and your friends just ask you to shut your mouth the moment you open it to shower knowledge on them? Be frank and introspect. If you are, don the hat of a teacher. Albeit many find this profession boring, but even teaching prospects have numerous avenues and there are many more who are enjoying their teaching job. To go for teaching in Higher or Secondary level schools you require a B.Ed degree (Bachelor of Education). B.Ed is a two-year course which can be pursued after graduation. Opt for a government recognized institute for this course.

If you are eyeing for a lecturer’s job you need to quality the UGC NET and degree in PhD. These efforts will open golden doors of opportunities for you in the field of teaching. After completion of these higher courses you can get a job in CBSE and ICSE affiliated schools. Besides, there are vacancies in private schools and colleges also.

World of advertisement: 

If you have great communication skills and can put your idea and imagination forward then advertising can be a good career for you. There are two types of courses you can opt for getting into this career. You can go for three years degree course in advertising after completion of high school and the other option is to go in for one-year-Post-Graduation diploma course after graduation. If you are a management professional then advertising world also provides career opportunities in product promotion, presently an emerging career.


If you believe the adage ‘Pen is mightier than sword’ then it holds some meaning and relevance in the context. If you know the art of playing with words (written or verbal), or you are rich in sharing ideas then you should land in the world of journalists as journalism is the suitable career for you. Today, it is the most favorable and in-demand career option amongst women. Apart from print media, many private channels, electronic and cyber media have helped in promoting lot of career opportunities in this sector.  Be it reporting, anchoring, copywriting- you can be a part of any of these options available under this field. After completing your higher studies in school you can apply for a three year degree course in Journalism.

Also, there are a number of colleges which are offering one year PG diploma in journalism. After completion of the course you can apply for jobs in magazines, news agencies and news channels.

Adventure sports:

Are you a die-hard fan of MTv Roadies? Do you always feel blood running faster in your body whenever you see any bold and daring act on TV and utter ‘Ya, that’s where I want to be, what I want to do’ then put on your running shoes and run fast to your nearest Adventure Academy as Adventure Sports is your choice of excellence.

Although this is an offbeat career to opt for, it has currently managed to attract youngsters at large. To make headway in this career you need to have a proper professional training from an Adventure Academy after completing your graduation.

Courtesy: Sakhi