Mumbai: Akki moves on from playing a casanova to playing a counsellor of sorts in Anees Bazmee film ‘Thank You’. It's a role reversal of sorts.

Many know the pre-shaadi Akshay Kumar as a compulsive flirt and this image was furthered by his choice of roles thereon. Akki now plays a marriage counsellor who traps cheating husbands and gets them to reveal the truth to their wives in Anees Bazmee's Thank You.

Remarks a source close to Khiladi Kumar, "It's an unusual turn of events for Akshay. He has often played a flirt in his films all in good fun. So he was shocked when Anees came to him and narrated the role of Raj, a man who acts like a kind of a marriage counsellor for wives whose husbands (Sunil Shetty, Irrfan Khan and Bobby Deol) are cheating on them."

Adds the source, "The intention behind Akshay's behaviour and whether he's married or not is the surprise package of the film which is revealed at the climax. The men hate him while the women love him as he reveals to them the signs and statements of a cheating man and how to catch him red-handed. He comes to educate the women and make them wiser."